Model’s Bill of Rights

What is the Model’s Bill of Rights?

The Model’s Bill of Rights (MBR) is a document created to express the rights of models during photo and video shoots. The MBR was created as the result of a string of allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct by photographers in the Northern California freelance photographer and model community. The MBR outlines the rights a model has before, during, and after a shoot.

How Can a Model Use the MBR?

Models can send the MBR to photographers prior to shooting together in order to communicate the rights that the model has before, during, and after a shoot. The MBR does not grant the model any rights; rather, the model already has these rights intrinsically. The MBR merely states these rights to the photographer (and any other party or parties involved in the shoot with whom the MBR is shared) so that all involved parties may be clear on what rights the model has. For this reason, it is not necessary for a model to sign the MBR. 

By sharing the MBR with a photographer prior to a shoot, the model and photographer have a pre-established understanding of the rights of the model before the shoot begins. Having a photographer acknowledge and sign the MBR prior to a shoot can help a model hold a photographer accountable to uphold and respect the model’s rights as well as help the model articulate and understand the rights he or she has as a model.

How Can a Model Find the MBR and Send it to a Photographer?

The MBR can be found on, a website that hosts legal documents and allows users to email documents for others to e-sign. First, create an account with Docracy. Then, in the search bar, type in a search for “Model’s Bill of Rights.” Click on the document title once you find it. Once you arrive at the document page, I suggest clicking on the right hand side panel that says “Love this document” so that you can find it more easily later in your Docracy Profile page. 

Then, click the green “Customize and send for signing” button at the top of the document. Scroll down and click the blue “Next: Invite people to sign” button and follow the instructions on the next page. 

Is the MBR Available in Other File Formats?

Yes. To download the PDF and Word versions of the MBR, click HERE

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